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Internet Services ( Tata Docomo Partner)

Internet Services ( Tata Docomo Partner)

We are  now Authorized Tata Docomo Partner in Tata Docomo SME Business.

Tata Docomo SME Business offers a suite of Products and Services that are designed to complement and enhance SME companies at every stage of their business growth. Now, your every communication and IT requirement has an appropriate solution that will enable your business to rapidly grow.

We have made extensive investments in networking and IT infrastructure to set up a multi-homed high-capacity IP backbone that ensures maximum availability at the nodes. Redundant lines allow the cities to have multiple alternative paths in case any of the main links fail.

Browse through our range of solutions. You are sure to find your specific needs here.

Creating tailor-made solutions with our dedicated team of vertical specific experts for unique enterprise needs.

Internet Leased Line - The high-performance dedicated Internet Leased Line for emerging business.

Photon – High speed mobile broadband internet that helps you manage time better.

Leased Line – Dedicated, reliable, point–to–point connectivity for voice, data, video and more.

International private leased circuit – Secure, seamless, always available global connectivity.

Content delivery network – deliver the richest content on the fastest reaching network .

MPLS VPN service – Connectivity – optimized, simplified and affordable.

Xpress VPN – secure wireless connectivity for remote offices, with assured QoS.

Road warrior solution – Your secure workplace, at places your office can’t reach.

Global network service – Delivering the critical, real time information every business needs.

Audio Conferencing – Best platform to connect with employees and customers across geographies

PRI - Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a service that enables connection of up to 30 voice channels to an enterprise EPABX on a single line. Each channel can be configured for incoming, outgoing or both functionalities

Toll Free Solutions - Let customers reach you, round the clock, from anywhere in India.

Centrex business solution – Connect all your offices and save on calls

SIP trunk – IP based PSTN telephony that can support up to 1500 voice channels over a single link

Insta CC – Hosted contact center with a on demand solution

InstaCompute – Scalable, cost effective, on-demand IT infrastructure for your business needs

Co-Location – Scalable solution for shared IT infrastructure

Managed Hosting – Optimize IT spend in a secure, hosted environment

BIZ Mail – The cost effective, secure and hosted customized email solution for businesses

Location based services (Vehicle tracking / people tracking / asset tracking )- Tata Docomo presents a Location Based Service (LBS) which uses our wide spread intelligent telecom network to track