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UPS – Power Solution

UPS – Power Solution

Business Partner of  APC By Schneider Electric.

· 500 VA to 120 KVA UPS
· UPS for IT, Desktop PC / Server
· UPS for Industrial Application
· Inverter for Home Appliances And Lighting
· Replacement of Batteries (SMF & Tubular).
· Consulting Services
· Server & Networking Rack
· Power Distribution Units
· Power & Cooling Solution
· Complete Audit for Power & cooling
· Electrical Cabling
· Raised Floorings for Server rooms and Control rooms

· 500 VA to 120 KVA UPS on Rental Basis

· Annual Maintenance Contract For APC & any other make UPS Systems
· AMC Care Packs for Extended warranty

APC Back-UPS 600

Affordable Battery Backup For Home and Office Computers.

Extreme voltage fluctuations, surges and unexpected power cuts can damage today’s desktop computers and even worse, cause loss of your valuable data. APC’s Back-UPS RS 600 offers protection from these damaging power disturbances. Specifically designed for the rugged power conditions in India, this Back-UPS features Automatic Voltage Regulation, enabling you to work through poor power conditions while preserving battery capacity. Staged charging also recharges your battery faster so you’re ready for the next power cut.

Product Features & Benefits:


APC Smart-UPS RC 6000VA 230V

1)  “Boost” Automatic Voltage Regulation corrects undervoltages without draining the battery, saving battery life for power cuts.2) Visual and audible alarms provide status of unit.3)  “Battery Backup & Surge Protected” outlets keep a computer, monitor and other device running during power cuts, as well as protecting against damaging surges.4) “Staged Charging” recharges your battery faster so it’s ready for the next power cut.5)  Push Button Circuit Breaker enables quick recovery from overload.

6)  2 Year Limited Warranty: covers parts & labor, including battery

7)  Automatic Diagnostic Testing ensures your unit is ready when you need it.

8) 1.2 meter power cord with 6A Indian plug.


Other Additional Activities :-
1) Annual Maintenance Contract :-
We are signing up an AMC with the aforesaid customers after completion of the warranty period provided by the factory for the period of 2 years. We have a well trained Service Team and Repairs Centre to undertake all Repairs & Maintenance of UPS Systems. These Engineers are duly certified by APC Service Management Team where they have to appear for Tests & necessary certification from APC.

2) Battery Replacement :-
The above is the huge market as there is a battery life of typical one year and as it is a consumable item, customer has to replace the batteries in stipulated time for keeping 100% uptime of their IT load.

3) Power Audit :-
In many sites, there is power problem due to non standard supply from various electricity supply companies, wherein we offer a complete power audit for necessary precautions for their IT Load.

4) Rentals :-
We have tied up with many of our Event Managers for supply of UPS Systems on Rental basis, where we supply UPS starting from 500 VA – 160 KVA.

5) Lease Activities :-
We are engage in supply of UPS System on short and long term lease stating from one year to three years.